Auxilium Solutions helps companies achieve business alignment for maximized profitability. With over 150 plus combined years of experience in strategy, sales & marketing, finance, operational and supply chain management, we have successfully improved profitability in dozens of challenging business situations. Whether you’re too busy running daily operation to recognize opportunities, are looking for deep expertise in a particular functional area, or simply need a new strategy, we can help.

As your partner, Auxilium Solutions will guide you to the right tools, strategies and processes to help you achieve and sustain performance goals. Put simply, if maximizing profitability is in your three-year plan, we look forward to working with you.

Auxilium [aux·il·i·um]

noun, plural

latin: to support, help, assist, aid

Through Business Alignment, Auxilium Solutions helps transform your business opportunities
into practical, sustainable and profitable business solutions.

The Common Thread

From management teams to industrial manufacturing plants, the commonality among our clients is missed opportunities to maximize profits due to some level of misalignment.

While every company has opportunities for improvement, figuring out how and where to start can be a challenge. Whether your company is successfully growing in revenue but static in profitability or struggles to function across or within departments, achieving long term growth and sustainability requires business alignment.

Our methodical process, tailored to the unique challenges and individual needs of a business, has resulted in a proven track-record of helping companies maximize profitability.

Our Clients Include...

  • Manufacturing facilities looking to implement lean strategy, continuous improvement and six-sigma methodologies to increase productivity, quality and through put while reducing costs
  • Leadership teams in need of motivational leadership, strategy formation and creating a customer-centric, collaborative culture
  • Companies in need of interim or project management, BOD services, or strategy formulation & implementation
  • International and domestic businesses needing help in their strategic growth strategy such as site selection, facility expansion, lean plant flow and workstation layout, global and domestic supply chain optimization
  • Organizations looking for help with ERP selection, integration and implementation or engineering management
  • Start-ups in need of advisory services around capital planning, budgeting, identifying realistic ROI and defining meaningful KPI’s

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