What Is Business Alignment?

The goal of Business Alignment is to transform opportunities into practical, sustainable and profitability maximizing solutions. It focuses on improving organizations and operations to align people, processes and technology both cross-functionally as well as with the company’s vision, strategy and goals.

As companies grow, functions within the operation often become out of sync, mis-aligned. This happens for many reasons, but is generally due to the tendency for individual functions to focus internally rather than collaboratively with other departments, and generally lose sight of the company’s business objectives. This results in the profitability gap: the gap between potential profitability and actual profitability.

When each division within a company is working on their “internal goals” and lacks cross-functional alignment, the result is an unbalanced, unstable and inefficient environment.

In the short run individual functions may experience great success. But trumping these successes are missed opportunities at the organizational level, accompanied by interdepartmental dissonance and dysfunctional friction.

Dysfunctional Friction

There are two types of friction an organization can experience: functional friction and dysfunctional friction.

Functional friction is “good” friction because it results in cooperative change and performance improvements. When channeled correctly, this energy is the impetus for change and ultimately how businesses grow.

Dysfunctional friction on the other hand is wasted energy. It is inherent each time a company implements a work around to accommodate challenges, or puts a “band-aid” on a cross-functional opportunity. Rather than channeling the energy into sustainable system-level improvements, time and resources are wasted finding a short-term fix. The long run result is a misaligned, sub-performing organization.

How do companies overcome dysfunctional friction to achieve Business Alignment?

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