Success in business requires that companies maintain a collaborative, communicative culture, one which compels stakeholders to measure every decision and action against how well it aligns with and contributes to the business goals. Such a goal-oriented culture is achieved through an acute focus on the company’s foundational directives. These are:

Vision  –  Mission  –  Strategy

Supporting this triad are six components an organization needs to align with the foundational directives so that business objectives can be reached in a successful and profitable way. These components are:

People  –  Culture  –  Processes  –  Structure  –  Networks  –  Systems

Often individual departments are successful achieving internal goals, but lack the ability to align cross-functionally with other departments. Other times, cross-functional units may be aligned with each other, but collectively do not support the vision, mission and strategy of the company. In either case, growth and profitability opportunities are not maximized.


Auxilium Solutions takes the time to fully understand each of our client’s challenges and needs, and engages to understand the business objectives to tailor our approach.

Our methodical process has resulted in a proven track-record of helping companies maximize profitability.

This process, a model which is custom tailored to meet the needs of your individual business, is based on a three-tiered approach:

Plan  –  Execute  –  Support



Analyze the current situation and prioritize tasks using best ROI methodology


Strategy formulation, forecast outlook and mapping


Conceptualization of strategy implementation, tactical objectives, timeline and resources



Improve functional performance at the department level


Align departments cross-functionally and optimize transfer points


Connect functional areas with the strategic goals of the business



Measure functional performance at department, cross-functional, and organizational levels


Tools, training and mentorship enabling teams to support growth


Sustainability to support continued and long-term growth

Auxilium's Three Legged Stool

Consider the three-legged stool model from Business School 101. If each leg is a different length, the stool will be unstable at best. 

Would you want your customers to sit on a rocky stool? Probably not.

Only when the six components are directly supporting a company’s foundational directives will business objectives be attainable.

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