During our initial assessment, we take the time to fully understand your objectives and areas of opportunity. Through doing so, we identify your primary objectives, and formulate a strategy for our engagement. Our range of services and capabilities allows us to serve you across a wide range of initiatives, from management to order fulfillment. Through extensive experience in each focus area we are able to “dive deep” and address root causes.

Additionally, our process weaves supportive efforts such as teaching, training and tools your team can use both during and after implementation to ensure sustainability and growth for your business.

Below is a short list of our primary service areas. Our team has years of experience and extensive knowledge across a variety of industries, which is how Auxilium Solutions is able to provide a comprehensive solution for all our clients.

Strategy & Management

  • Strategic Business Growth
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Business Planning & Budgeting
  • International Business
  • Business-right Sizing
  • Interim & Project Management
  • BOD Services*
  • Leadership Development
  • EOS® Implementation

Performance Improvement

  • Cost Reduction & Control
  • Performance Management
  • Lean Transitioning
  • Six Sigma Methodology
  • Forecast & Planning Methodologies
  • Strategy Integration
  • ERP Selection & Implementation
  • End-to-End Value Stream Assessment & Design
  • EOS® Integration

Operations & Supply Chain

  • Integrated & Global Supply Chain
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Transport Logistics
  • Pre & Post M & A Evaluation and Integration
  • Value-add Optimization
  • Lean Plant & Workstation Layout
  • Turnaround Management
  • Vendor Management

*Auxilium Solutions provides BOD Services through the Minnesota Consulting Consortium (MCC). MCC is a three-member board, seated by associates of our own team, who collectively bring broad and deep expertise in finance, operations, and sales/marketing. The board’s focus is exclusively on consulting and advisory work.

MCC provides clarity, focus, and an integrated strategy through a holistic, aligned, and collaborative approach that can be implemented by the owner and the leadership team. The service is structured as a single agreement resulting in a cost-effective advisory board with minimal administrative effort. 

Download our Advisory Board Services Brief for more information.

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