Strategic Growth Management means that the client’s business goals and operations are properly aligned involving an integrated approach to growth, whether on an existing site or a new location that includes real estate, facilities and operations.

For companies to be competitive in a global market, growth decisions must be strategic considering more than real estate and facilities. Companies must continually improve order fulfillment, increase quality and reduce cost to achieve a competitive advantage. We collaborate with all levels of the organization to develop pragmatic solutions that can be implemented applying “Lean Six Sigma” solutions to engineering, supply chain, transport logistics, process and manufacturing. To support this transition, we will train and educate employees so that they can manage and sustain these new processes.

The corporate real estate service industry is primarily transaction driven by real estate commissions and requiring the client to pay a significant percentage of an incentive package as a fee. This voids objectivity and may not create long term client value.  Auxilium Solutions as your partner, is process driven and does not accept a percentage of an incentive package as compensation.  Our focus is on the client’s best Return on Investment supporting sustainable profitability.

Fundamental to Auxilium Solution’s serving our clients best interests, reflects our core values and laser focus on executing our proven methodology resulting in successful outcomes.

From initial strategic growth planning through order fulfillment, we provide our clients with the total solution for increased bottom line results.

Core Values

  • We do what we say and say what we do
  • Long term value creation
  • Objectively serve our clients best interest with uncompromised integrity

Core Focus

  • Provide our clients with integrated solutions applying best in class concepts and technology
  • Increase our client’s business growth with custom tailored solutions
  • Our mission is to support long term client profitability. Therefore, our compensation is based on a fee for  services rather than a quick transaction fee or percent of financial incentives. Our loyalty is solely pledged to our client and not to a third party to compensate us.

Strategic Growth Management Group (SGMG)

The primary goal of Auxilium Solution’s Strategic Growth Management Group is to increase our client’s business growth with custom tailored integrated solutions which apply best in class concepts and technology. We deliver results with positive and collaborative experiences through our dedication, attention and laser-sharp focus to your business. The result is an efficient and effective approach built on honesty, integrity, and above all trust that SGMG will help you achieve long term, sustainable profitability.


Bruce Maus:

  • 35 years of experience in site selection, strategic planning, financing, facility planning, project management, government relations and permitting.
  • Four-time “Award of Excellence” recipient from National Association of Industrial and Office Parks (NAIOP)
  • Developed over $6 MM square feet of industrial space
  • Assisting with financing over $250 MM of investment
  • Obtained over $30 MM in financial incentives for clients
  • Experience in 25 states as well as Germany, Canada and Mexico

Heinz Wortmann:

  • 30+ years of experience at all management levels globally
  • Lean Manufacturing certified, Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Multi-plant, international operations & $450+ MM in sales and 500+ employees
  • Achieved over $26 MM in cost reductions over 10 years in the areas of:
    • Lean & Continuous Improvement
    • Supply Chain & Transport Logistics
    • Regulatory & Legal
  • Projects in the United States, Germany, China, India, Brazil, Austria, Mexico and Serbia

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